Media Production

We offer a wide range of music and media services to suit all your business and personal needs.

Our Media Services

Over the years we have produced many music id’s (jingles) These can assist your corporate identity, your product or help push a marketing campaign. We also offer voice over recording for video clips and website content.

We believe there is an advantage to having a music id – why would you want one?

Corporate music id’s add value to your company mission statement, enhance your product, brand message, marketing campaign or video clip. We can provide unique compositions/clips of music, written by one of our talented writers and tailored to your requirements by our production team. We are also able to provide compositions of well known clips of music – if you feel an existing composition suits your profile better. The id’s are for use with video clips, website content and advertising campaigns.

Working in the industry for a number of years we have amassed a wealth of experience. We have taken on varied roles within music production projects, all of which have been tailored to client requirements. We prefer to take the role of creative partner, working in collaboration with the artists, musicians and technicians.

Media Production

What else can you do to maximise your marketing, product or brand?

Video and Dvd services

Have you thought about creating a fully interactive Dvd to show off your company or product to its maximum potential? Work with us to storyboard your idea or provide us with your brief and we will help you create and produce your vision, for maximum impact. Capture company events, business training, promotional material … the opportunities are endless.

IMC Music Library

Do you need some music but don’t have the creative idea or budget to create and produce a composition?

We have an extensive music library of produced music for you to listen and purchase – this is a cost effective way of purchasing a music id. Our music library contains many styles and genres of music and we are confident there will be a piece that compliments and suits your requirements. Please contact us via our enquiry form for further information on our music library.

Musical Theatre & Backing Tracks

We have an historical background in musical theatre, having produced music for a variety of theatrical productions over the years.

We have a library of backing tracks for your use, if you need to rehearse a song for that big audition or your local production/play, we are confident we will have the track to suit, if we haven’t then we can compose and produce it for you. Please contact us via our enquiry form for more info.