Music Production & Engineering

We have worked with artists from a wide range of genres and are confident we deliver a top class product, whether you want to compose a track, record a demo, an album, need a music id (jingle) or voice-over audio clip created for your corporate brand, website or video project.

Music production

At imc we record and produce your track to a professional commercial, release standard and have access to a range of talented song writers who have written for known artists within the music industry.

With our own production and editing suite we cater for music production, editing, midi programming, voice-over work and small scale recording projects. We can arrange for video production if required. For larger scale recording projects we partner with lots of different studios making sure it’s the right one for you.

Working in the industry for a number of years we have amassed a wealth of experience. We have taken on varied roles within music production projects, all of which have been tailored to client requirements. We prefer to take the role of creative partner, working in collaboration with the artists, musicians and technicians.


We have found the most popular approach with our clients is for us to oversee and manage the project from start to finish – this can include; gathering an artist’s ideas, selecting the songs or working on the artist’s own track, writing the musical/vocal arrangement, organising musicians, managing the recording session, monitoring budget and directing the recording (“production”) of an artist’s music.

Where required we are happy to ‘coach’ the artists and musicians session in the studio, which we have found goes a long way to achieving the best results. With our creative flair we are enthusiastic about your music yet objective enough to offer constructive feedback where required – our goal is to get the best out of you and your session, providing an honest opinion whilst offering viable solutions that you feel comfortable with. We work with you to encourage the best musical performance.

Music Production Software

To send us your track to be mastered call, email or send us an enquiry via our ‘Contact’ form (Please include a link to your files on the dropbox field). We will discuss your requirements and timescale, organise a Username and Password and set-up a dedicated, secure folder for you to access.

For us to mix your track via our upload tool we require you to send us the separate audio files of your song in one of the following formats: wav, aiff, mp3. For mixing and mastering using our online upload service we require full payment in advance.

Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering

IMC Music are now offering a live engineering service. We have a superb PA system, Digital Mixer, Mics and Monitoring tailored to suit your requirements. We are able to provide a mobile Sound Engineer for capturing live sound on site, we are flexible and happy to discuss your production requirements! View our Plug Me In page for more information.

Sometimes it’s best to just focus on recording your work without having to worry whether or not you are getting the best levels, sounding great or using the right equipment. Let us take care of that, we understand the importance of getting the best sound for you.

We concentrate on the technical aspects of your recording, producing high quality recordings of music, speech and sound effects. We are happy to plan the recording session with your own producer, artists and musicians – as required. We will set up, demonstrate and operate the equipment for you. Below are some examples of what we believe gets the best out of all our sessions:

We are able to provide a mobile Sound Engineer for capturing live sound on site, we are flexible and happy to discuss your production requirements! Contact Us Now →